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Xebec International Logistics has more than a decade of experience pioneering and refining transportation and logistics solutions that are secure, flexible, and designed to globally ship any product large or small. We deliver complete logistics solutions so you can focus on innovations and growth. We want to support you every step of the way.

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Your Needs

Whether your company is simply fulfilling in the continental United States or is transitioning to a global sales model, Xebec International Logistics can provide the peace of mind you need knowing that your customers will receive your product securely and timely. We offer Import & Export Services, Customs Brokerage and Consulting Advice, and Warehouse - Supply Chain solutions that are coupled with 24/7 monitoring and expert guidance services from our professionals.

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How we Work

As supply chains across the world are becoming more expensive and complex, 4PL logistics solutions from Xebec International Logistics enables our clients to focus on growing their business while utilizing our team of experts to manage all your logistics service providers and operations.

As a 4th party logistics company, our team works as an extension of your team to provide custom outsourcing solutions, neutral management of your logistics processes and partners, supply chain planning, day-to-day execution, strategic recommendations, and technology solutions to integrate all your partners into your business.

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