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Variety of Services available to all industries

We at Xebec International Logistics are a leading logistics provider with out offices in Houston, TX. We help our clients with their domestic and International needs through multiple modes of transportation. Our team may also provide assistance with warehousing, customs brokerage and other related services. With over 12 years of experience working as a logistics service provider and over 20 plus years in supply chain services, we have built a positive image as one of the most cost-efficient and reliable companies in the business. We have developed long-standing relationships with our clients and hope to fulfill your logistics needs to the best of our ability and form a long-term association.

Shipping and Transportation Services – Our Agents provide customized services for all your international freight needs. We work in collaboration with leading commercial freight carriers and service providers to ensure that your freight continuously moves without disruption at the most cost-efficient value.

Customs Brokerage and Trade Compliance Services – At Xebec, we take an innovative approach to Customs Brokerage and Global Trade Compliance. We provide customs and compliance services with an effective approach and understanding of customs and other government agency responsibilities. Our clients have continuous 24/7 visibility of all Imports and assigned projects and all times. One-on-one communications with an assigned agent are available and included in all service relationships.

Warehousing & Distribution Services – Xebecs’ menu of core services offers full-spectrum support for a variety of industries, and for the logistics and supply-chain challenges they present. We support all services through leading-edge technology systems operating on a single, global operating platform.

4PL Services

Logistics Consulting & Analysis
Neutral Carrier & Partner Management
Shipment Planning & Execution
Freight Bill Payment & Audit
Reporting & Performance Management
Transportation Management
Customs Brokerage & Trade Compliance Solutions
Warehouse & Distribution


Our business model is built on a platform that fully integrates our software solutions, storage
facilities, and global transportation services to provide the best logistics solutions possible.
you work with Xebec International Logistics, you don’t need to hire a special team of industry
experts, incur operational expenses; or worry about whether or not your customers are getting
top-notch service. Here are some industries we have provided logistics solutions for:

  • Retail

  • Hospitality

  • Health care

  • Automotive

  • Biochemical

  • Aerospace

  • Oil and Gas; Refinery

  • Food Service and Raw Commodities


Business Needs and Requirements
We at Xebec International Logistics understand that each client company has its own unique 
shipping needs. Our agents work to understand each scenario defined by the client and deliver 
customized solutions that best match your shipping requirements. Each agent is required to 
provide an adequate response to each client and ensure that all parties share a common 
understanding of the scope of work. 

Pricing & Estimates are based on the services required to complete the transaction case by case.
Each client is provided a service questionnaire at the time of introduction so that our agents may
accurately provide customized rates specific to your inquiry for service.

Our Brokerage rates and services are available and within industry standards with additional 
track and trace options that allow 24/7 visibility on all Import and domestic shipments. Xebec 
International Logistics agents are capable of providing assistance with Single and Continuous 
Bonds, ISF filing, FDA and USDA product code assistance, Classification assistance, and many 
other PGA requirements.

Trade Consulting is also available to our clients 24/7 via telephone and email. Project-based work and 
General advisory rate options are available.

For more information, please send an email to

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