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Ocean Transportation Intermediary License Revocations

The Federal Maritime Commission has provided the below list of companies that have given notice, surrendered voluntarily by the OIT, or failed to maintain a valid bond.

In any of these three instances the ocean transportation intermediary licenses would be revoked by the FMC.

- license #000276F: Agility Project Logistics Inc.

- license #026670N: Atlas International Shipping LLC

- license #029228F: Avail Logistics

- license #022853N: Benchmark Worldwide Logistics Inc.

- license #029050N: Buytoamerica Corporation

- license #016980F: Crossroads Inc.

- license #019344F: DNA Supply Chain Solutions Inc.

- license #029305NF: Forever Project Transit LLC

- license #028435NF: Freightco Transport Inc.

- license #022532NF: JBH Worldwide LLC

- license #018199NF: JVL International Corporation

- license #016398N: Laser International Freight Transport Corp.

- license #031142N: Ligentia USA Inc.

- license #022096NF: Mansard Shipping Ltd.

- license #022920F: Mira Transport USA Inc.

- license #018509N: Nanix Express Int’l Inc.

- license #027132NF: Norlil Auto Exporters LLC

- license #019027NF: Southgate Shipping Inc.

- license #027983F: Suite 300 Inc.

- license #003555N: Thomas Griffin International Inc.

- license #002785F: Thomas Hudson Enterprises Inc.

- license #023012N: Tillicum Global Networks Inc.

- license #027938N: TIM International Inc.

- license #027767NF: VGL World Inc.

- license #027797N: Westwood Trading LLC

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